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Ride N Chatter 2023 The Good Spark Challenge

Coming up soon, the Rebel Rousers are hosting Ride N Chatter 2023 The Good Spark Challenge in Richmond, VA on Feburrary 24-26. Hit up that FB event link for more info and register now!

Server software update today

I am upgrading some software on the server today for performance and security reasons. This is likely to cause a few problems here and there as I work out the incomptabilities and complete the upgrades. Please contact me directly if there are aspects of the website that are not working for you.

Zeros Present: Finish Your Beer V: Colder Than Hell, Cum Inside

A winter Swap Meet, Toledo Ohio February 3-5

Event info here.

Buy/sell thread here.

Facebook event here.

CBBG12: Long Road Home

"Really excited that this marks the Twelfth Annual Moped Community Build and Gather (CBBG) will be held the weekend of December 8th through the 12th, 2022 at the newly purchased Quarterkick building in Kalamazoo, MI.

Took last year off due to the purchase of a building and moving 14 years’ worth of equipment, parts and moped from the space I had rented for the past 14 years.

This year has been difficult with trying to get the new space in order and the setbacks of having been diagnosed as being in advanced heart failure. But I plan to continue hosting CBBG as long as I can and to build community and share resources as long as I can.

People from all over the country will congregate as they come to sandblast, powder coat, weld, rebuild engines, build up bikes, socialize and catch up.

Registration includes shirt and one raffle ticket, as well as heat, electricity, tools, welding, sand blasting and powder coating (provided I can get them setup in time), popcorn, beverages, and a handful of arcade/pinball games that have been added to the shop since the last event. There will be a rare moped raffled off as well as many performance parts and other moped and non-moped related items.

This event is open to the entire moped community worldwide. Build engines, build mopeds, build friendships. Chad will accommodate as many people as possible both at his home or at the shop or choose one of the several hotels near the shop.

This year's event I'll be raffling off a completely rebuilt and Peugeot Fox moped.

Feel free to invite anyone to join us!

Please let me know what you might be able to donate to contribute to the continued success of this event."

Register here.

SHANKS present BiG DUmb PLeAsuRES

Join our cult and complete the moped ritual.

Nov. 11th -13th
Austin Tejas
Registration ends Oct. 31.

New branch submissions due 9/30/22

Have you been growing your moped club, attending/hosting rallies, and getting to know others in the community? Maybe it's time to become an official branch of the Moped Army. We do new branches reviews once a year, and now is the time to send in your application! During our branch review process we'll get to know you better, learn about the history of your club, and understand how you'd represent the Moped Army in your area.

Check out the application page for more info and be sure to submit before the end of the month if you want to be included in this year's process. If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Graham Loft Memorial

I have sad news to share — Graham Loft, founder of the Creatures of the Loin, unexpectedly past away last week. He's touched and influenced this community in so many ways. Please join his friends and family in celebrating his life, both on the memorial website and in person on August 22. If you are able, please also consider donating to the Graham Loft Memorial Fund.