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2 new members for the SHANKS

SHANKS grew by 2 members recently. Welcome to the club Malcom and Julian

Bakers Dozen Run Information

Exciting News! We are less than a month and a half away from the start of Bakers Dozen 2021!
I wanted to share some information that will hopefully answer some questions and get stoked for the ride!!

Covid 19: In following CDC guidelines for outdoor sporting events, we will be requiring proof of vaccination or a recent negative test result to participate

Housing: This year will be all Camping! Some of the sites we have reserved ahead of time so no need to worry about them filling up before you get there! One exception will be camping at Deal's Gap (dealsgap.com) which all but the fastest teams will need to reserve camping on-site!

Registration: Don't worry if you haven't registered yet or plan to register closer/on the day of the event. We will make sure everything is squared away before the race begins on Sunday. If you have registered, we have received your registration and will also check in before the event begins.

Starting Line!! This is the exciting part! We will be hosting everyone the night before the race begins at a TBD location in or around Atlanta, GA. Saturday, June 26th we will have a space for teams to do some final adjustments/tuning/test rides before the start line at 10AM the next day. We will host an informational meeting as well as go over team names/sizes/registration on Saturday evening to make sure everyone is on the same page before we begin.

The Zeros Welcome Two New Members!

Welcome to the family Steve and Brian!

New MOPITT Members!!

Since our annual spring block party was cancelled this year, we decided to take our butts on a trip up to Zelianople, and the family grew by two this weekend. Everyone give a warm welcome to Mel West and Danny Mietzner as the two newest members of MOPITT!

QCB Rider Awareness Fundraiser

Moped Rally Archive

The events page lists upcoming moped rallies but there hasn't been a good archive of all past events, until now. I've created a new page on Moped Wiki that lists all known moped rallies. There are over 380 events to start, which is pretty good, but I know I'm missing some. Since it's on the wiki, anyone can edit it! Please add missing rallies in chronological order, following the existing format. Please also create wiki links/pages for any individual rally in order to provide more info (dates, events, photos, etcetera). The naming is a bit inconsistent on some of these, so if you hosted the rally please edit the names to match what the event was actually called.

WIKI UPDATE: visual editor, new mobile layout, PDF improvements

A major new update to Moped Wiki is now live! New features include a visual editor, improved image handling with drag-to-resize, full PDF support, and an optimized mobile layout. You can read about these changes in more detail in the forum post announcing the launch.