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Black Pipes Rally: Pissed Our Prime

Another upcoming rally you should check out. The Black Pipes are hosting their first rally September 2–5, 2022 (Labor Day weekend) in Cleveland, OH. Check out the rally thread for more info and the registration link.

LGN Rally 6.9

Register now for the upcoming LGN rally: August 12–14, 2022 in Philadelphia, PA. Check out the rally thread for more info.

The Muff Peddlers Midwest Moped Prom

Passing along a message from Amanda about the upcoming rally in Lawrence, KS next month (Aug 5–Aug 7, 2022).

Did you wake up this morning and think... fuck ! I just really wanna ride Mopeds in the middle of the Country? Did you miss your opportunity to be prom king or queen and have a burning desire to try for that title? Dust off that tuxedo t shirt ! wonder what its like to ride 60+ miles wondering if tulle from your dress is gonna get caught in your drive chain? Lets do this. Cliffs notes version.... Friday night Brewery ride. 6 Brewery Stops and Then a Friday chill out. Saturday, LONG ride. 60+ish miles, ending with an alley way prom! With some Pretty Rad raffle surprises from Treats and Dos! Pizza, beer and even some live music! and of course prom king and queen crowned!

Be sure to register for Muff Peddler's Moped Prom.

Space Coast Brapppfest

Start planning early for Space Coast Brapppfest, Feb 10-12, 2023 in Melbourne, Florida.

Wickham park. Admission TBD, camping fare included. Weekend long experience with cruises, raffles, auctions, and more. Follow the forum thread to stay up to date.



It's almost rally time for us again. please join us for a [ROOTIN'] [TOOTIN'] [GOODTIME]

Registration form + Rally thread

More to come soon. Please register as early as possible so we can guesstimate a head count for foods and funs. If there are questions please feel free to pm me here. —Brent

Never DNF: The story of Pinball Run 3 by Droidy Pendejo

Finally, after 7 long years of waiting the one and only documentary about Pinball Run 3 has appeared!

The movie will premiere on Youtube on June 18th at 2PM and can be seen here:
Never DNF: A Moped Documentary

This documentary was filmed on location during Pinball Run 3 (Gold Rush) starting on July 18th, 2015.

The Zeros Are Growing!

Please help us welcome three new members!

Brent! Doug! Amy!