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Space Coast Brapppfest

Start planning early for Space Coast Brapppfest, Feb 10-12, 2023 in Melbourne, Florida.

Wickham park. Admission TBD, camping fare included. Weekend long experience with cruises, raffles, auctions, and more. Follow the forum thread to stay up to date.



It's almost rally time for us again. please join us for a [ROOTIN'] [TOOTIN'] [GOODTIME]

Registration form + Rally thread

More to come soon. Please register as early as possible so we can guesstimate a head count for foods and funs. If there are questions please feel free to pm me here. —Brent

Never DNF: The story of Pinball Run 3 by Droidy Pendejo

Finally, after 7 long years of waiting the one and only documentary about Pinball Run 3 has appeared!

The movie will premiere on Youtube on June 18th at 2PM and can be seen here:
Never DNF: A Moped Documentary

This documentary was filmed on location during Pinball Run 3 (Gold Rush) starting on July 18th, 2015.

The Zeros Are Growing!

Please help us welcome three new members!

Brent! Doug! Amy!

Mosquito Fleet presents: Blood Drive 22’ Moped Rally

Register here!

Mosquito Fleet moped gang
Blood Drive 22’
August 12–14, 2022
Seattle, Washington

The Fleet formally invites you to the beautiful and rugged PNW to enjoy yourself with friends and moped family.

Blood Drive 22’ will follow a traditional Seattle rally itinerary including but not limited to party hangs, sunset rides, live music, brunch hangs, lunch hangs, gas stops, open rippin’, city rippin’, island rippin’, Mofa Cross, ferry rides, tourist stuff, moped stuff, time for your stuff, optional (Sun.) camping, and followed by a spicy Moped Monday.

Come early if you can and stay late if you like. We have missed you and hope you can hype yourself and friends to enjoy an epic Blood Drive with us.

Please register as soon as possible to optimize our ability host a grand rally.

Hosting and loners are first come first serve. See registration.

Email alexsokolowski@mopedarmy.com with any questions.

Bakers Dozen Run '22: The Ditty of Garelli Plugs

Bakers Dozen Run is excited to present "The Ditty of Garelli Plugs" :

An old Western adventure that will see you tackle the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and more hazards and pitfalls on your route to the Oregon Coast and all the craft beer and sustainably raised beef you can handle. We're taking, mostly, the same route that the settlers of the Oregon Trail took back in the 1800's

Important information:
Ride Leaves 10am June 24th (not moped time, we're strict about start time!)
Book at the Motel 6 in North Platte (or a nearby motel if its full) for at least the night of the 23rd
Registration fee is $100 per rider payable online or at the event. Registration is LIVE on the Bakers Dozen website.

Discord server for general chatter, and live race media and updates! : Bakers Dozen Discord Server

Bring your bucking batavus bronco and don't get dysentary

Rules and Route will be posted in April, please email any questions to registration@bakersdozenrun.com

Register to attend Dagger Rally #2

Dagger Rally #2: Highway To The Dagger Zone
Nashville, TN
Apr 29–May 1, 2022

This is only a month away, so register for the rally ASAP.