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MopedGP 2018

Prairie City Karting Track
Folsom, CA
May 18–20, 2018
Registration: mopedgp.com
Forum thread with more info.

The Queens of Noise 2nd Anniversary Ride

Sacramento, CA
Apr 21–Apr 22, 2018
Itinerary on the Facebook event

Dcons present: Run Of The Mill

August 17–19, 2018
Vicksburg, MI

New Satan's prospect!

Fuck yes! Got my boy Tipton over here getting wild as hell on 2wheels! We are coming at y'all this year!

Magnetos: Come to blast or your ass is grass!

Rally Registration

Rally Registration


Please help fund our team this year.

Gofundme link - https://www.gofundme.com/bakers-dozen-run-year-2

GoFundMe for Sal Smog

Sal from Smog Squad and RVA Mopeds was hurt in a really bad moped accident and had to have emergency surgery. We’re raising money to keep him and his business afloat until he can start wrenching again!

New branches now officially online

A big welcome to our latest branches!

Green Bastards Join Moped Army

Four new branches of the Moped Army!

The polls are now closed for the 2017 new branch vote and we have four new branches! Congrats to Green Bastards (Sioux Falls, SD), Kentucky Funeral Corps (Louisville, KY), Magnetos (Houston, TX) and Zeros (Toledo, OH). It may take a while to get their information up on the website, but I wanted to make the announcement as soon as possible.

A big thank you to the other groups who were part of the discussion this year. We thank you for continuing to strengthen the moped community and hope you'll apply to be an official Moped Army branch again next year.