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Formally the Toledo Villains, the old name was proposed by an ex-member, it just didn't fit anymore.

"We should change the name to the Zeros because no one shows up and no one finishes anything...well and the whole kamakize thing"- Chris Carsten

Zeros stairs .jpg

Founded in 2008, the Zeros are a group of mopeders from all over Toledo, who met through their shared love of these odd little bikes. A few years and a few rallies later the Zeros are still growing the moped scene out of Toledo, most Zeros can be found rather drunk at their mutually rented shop, Mykes Bykes. In town? want to ride mopeds? Give Andy a ring or text at 567-288-9540

The Zeros meet every Sunday for Moped Sundays and Moped Wednesdays, Moped meet up days consist of Beast Ice, BBQ's, broken mopeds, good times, riding though parks, and crashing mopeds on golf courses.

Zeros living room.jpg


  • Villains Two Stroke Titty Fuck 2010
  • Zeros Love You Long Time 2011
  • Zeros Riots A Tale Of Two Cities 2011
  • Carpe Toledo 2012
  • Zeros Swanton Special Invitional
  • Wrong Rally Fuck Face 2013
  • Wrong Rally Fuck Face 2: There Goes the Neighborhood 2014
  • Don't Drink The Water 2015
  • Twist My Grip! 2016
  • Cage Rage: Gone in 60cc's



  • Andy Scouten
  • Cody Frush
  • Jared Struck
  • Megan Tyson
  • Matt Brann
  • Sarah Scouten
  • Kristina Ouellette
  • James Piotrowski
  • Mr. Seats


  • Brian Millar


  • Reno
  • Elmer
  • Brent


  • David Lewinski
  • Brian Berends
  • Chris Carsten
  • Alex Gardner