Vespa and Kinetic Belts

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Single-speed Ciao and TFR:

65/70mm pulley - 9,5x925mm

80mm pulley - 9,5X940mm

95mm pulley - 9,5x960mm

Variated Ciao, TFR, and Magnum:
Variated Ciao and TFR Belts

90mm clutch pulley - 13x950mm

100mm clutch pulley - 13x975mm

Variated Bravo and Grande

90mm clutch pulley - 13x1050mm

100mm clutch pulley - 13x1075mm

Variated Si:

90mm clutch pulley - 13x1125mm

100mm clutch pulley - 13x1150mm

For a more complete list, including non-US single-speed models, go here.