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Team Rocket
Team Rocket.jpg
Lakeland FL
FoundedFebruary 2014

Christian based moped club out of Lakeland Fl. Team Rocket was founded by Commodore Perry (Detroit) and Traylor Roberts (Tallahassee). Our members hail from all corners of the US via college. We've entered into the moped community with a lot of help from members from The Dirty Petcocks, Motor City Riot, The No-No's, and Kalamazoo Moped Riders. We have recently recruited enough riders to establish ourselves in the moped community as an official unofficial moped club.

Chances are at any given time we're riding, repairing, or checking our bank account. We are soon looking into expanding into a Team Rocket north and south.



Commodore Perry (President)

Dusty Rim

Traylor Roberts

Nina King

Chris Granzow

Jesse Young

Calen Wood

Michael Bilezikian

Kaleb Williams

Joey Safran

Ian Jones

Brenton James

Inactive Members

John Carlile

Dave Brown

Jenson Martinelli

Dober Kline

Rob Laskin

Karleigh Smoak

Team Rocket Shop

We rock out our repairs in the rotten old 'ped shed' (not the one that burnt down in Connecticut). The Ped Shed is the home of the ol fire and briar, two stroke smoke, and rotten attitudes.