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Kolekona Paulo Keo'Keo

53 years old

Marlborough, MA

Well, I am looking for some sort of real crazy experiment in turning out those old all-terrian bicycles with electric or gas motors on them and I am too thrilled to help along with this not-so-new invention idea, while I am looking for a good used moped bike to buy it in my Marlboro, MA area... But dunno where without any help. But anyway, because I am a hardcore bicyclist and prefers "military" type of all-terrian sprayed flat black bicycle that I often do use through some forest and kinda just toss them around like junks... So hence here's my concept of a all flat black "military" strong wet weather proof all-terrian bicycle with motor on it... A junk to be experimented with and toss away when it's being used. Anyone interested in inventing that sort of thing with me? Please email me at: and thanks!

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