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(homemade motorized bicycle)

  (homemade motorized bicycle)
submitted by Rick Pyke

This is a homemade motorized bicycle. The bicycle, motor, motormount, and the friction wheel that runs on the tire all came from the local landfill. I bought 1 set of bearings, and 1 sprocket for a total cost of under $20 CDN. It took me a weekend to design and build the bike. The friction roller is the wringer from an old washing machine. The motor came with a centrifugal clutch attached, but I added the gas tank from an old mower. The bicycle will travel at speed of approx 20mph, but the gear ratio can be changed easily by changing the sprocket on the rear driveshaft. I have built 4 other motorized bicycles for my kids, some with front wheel drive, some with rear wheel drive, but each 1 is a different design. The kids love them. This 1 is shown w/o the chain guard attached so the drive system is easier to see.