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Jawa X25

 Jawa X25
Submitted by William Smith

As I finished my freshman year of high school I quickly realized how important it is to keep yourself preoccupied with activities such as a job or something productive. And I talked my dad long before about buying a moped. I expected a brand new TOMOS
Or something flashy and expensive...But instead he came home with This 1980 Jawa moped, the story behind it was it was last owned my an old lady who passed on a few years ago and because of this the house had to be sold along with all the junk in the back yard's shed. The moped was bought brand new in 1980 and sat for 12-15 years with 400 miles on it. So my dad made a deal with the guy running the yard sale and I ended up with this beauty for free. Now I'm not a huge gear head or a mechanic but I do understand the concept of how an engine works. So after changing the transmission's gear oil, cleaning out the entire fuel system, draining the 13 year old contents of the gas tank, and welding on a broken left pedal (broken from me accidentally) the thing would not start. I was about ready to give up right up until I tried adjusting it's brand new spark plug's conductor end by tapping it with a screw driver. Now it runs like a champ! And threw this repair project I have come to take a liking to the old classic, it's also taught me to appreciate the things you got and that one man's trash can most defiantly be another's treasure. And just because it's free doesn't mean you can't make it worth something. Only modifications I see in the future is maybe a bi-turbo exhaust. but other than that, I'll keep the classic in vintage condition.