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grooved combustion chamber design

Ryland (ryland) — Jan 13, 2006 12:07PM

a few years back I read this artical on grooving your combustion chamber, the inside of the head, grooves basicly radiatating from the spark plug, to help... guid? the flame to the outer edges to help provide a more compleat burn, and to add some turbulance to help mix fuel and air better, thus more power, and cleaner burning engine, my links exspired on alot of the articals, but the patent data is still avalible of course.


it's inventer is Somender Singh; in India.

I just thought that of all the places this kind of information might be useful, why not here?
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  grooved combustion chamber design Ryland 01/13/06 12:07PM
  Re: grooved combustion chamber design Will Laub 01/14/06 11:12AM
  Re: grooved combustion chamber design ffreddie 01/14/06 03:24PM
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