What kind of spark plug to I need for My Vespa Grande and JC Penny Pinto (Kromag / Puch)

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I need help tracking down spark plugs for my mopeds I'm trying to restore. Someone stole the spark plugs off both my mopeds about 5 or more years ago and I haven't had them up and running since.

The first moped I'm working on is a 1978 JC Penny Pinto 2. I've read its a Kromag / Puch engine. Here is a link to the manual:


It calls for a Bosch W 175 T1 spark plug. (Spark gap - .016 - .020 in)

No one seems to carry this spark plug anymore and I cant seem to find its replacement. Can anyone tell me the exact type of spark plug I can get for my moped and where I can purchase it?

A guy at the local motorcycle shot suggested the NGK B6HS but my moped nipple cap doesn't seem to lock into the nipple of the spark plug.

I'm also looking for a spark plug for my Vespa Grande from 1980. Here is a link to its manual:


mine is the 048 model

This moped calls for a Bosch W95T1 (point gap .016")

I'm having the same issue tracking down a working spark plug that I can buy for this moped. The same guy at the motorcycle shot recommended the NGK B6HS for this bike as well but This doesn't seem to lock into my mopeds spark plug nipple attachment either.

What can I do? I'm in the middle of cleaning up these mopeds and I'd like to see if I can at least get them running before doing a lot of work on them.

Wondering if I need to change the spark plug nipple attachment but I'd like to avoid this. The spark plug does screw into the engine... so that fits. One of my concerns is that the spark gap might be off with these NGK spark plugs but I'm not sure yet.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I need these to get around town.


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