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FS (slightly off-topic): 1971 Kawasaki G3

) Cupermcnewbster ( (boardmonger) — Jan 02, 2014 09:05PM

For Sale is a clean 1971 Kawasaki G3SS 90cc Motorcycle

-2,800 (unconfirmed) miles
-Registered through July 2014
-Starts, runs, stops as designed
-$1000 OBO
-Located in San Francisco


Manufactured in 1970, this G3 is in really good condition. Mechanically it is in great shape and starts right up on 1st or 2nd kick and runs strong once warmed up and cleared out. It is a 2-stroke so it is a little loud and smokey, but with the rotary induction, this little 90cc rips. It's rated at about 10.5 HP and weighs about 180 pounds wet. While you won't be winning any drag races, the 5 speed transmission makes it a functional city bike and it is capable of 65+ on open stretches. The brakes are functional but unimpressive (stock drums front and rear), tires are in good condition and the clutch feels fine. It could use some new oil and a thorough once-over, but I've never had any issues in over a year of ownership.

Cosmetically the bike is a little challenged with faded paint/decals on the tank, a few small tears on the seat, and some spotty surface rust on the chrome bits. The front fender has a slight ding, but other than that everything is extremely straight. The tank is spotless inside (zero rust) and has no dings. The bike is unmolested and dirty. A few hours with some brushes, polish and sweat and this thing will be looking pretty.

Known issues include a slight oil leak, non-functional blinkers and horn, a weak battery (due to limited use), and a non-functional speedometer/odometer.
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