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FS: Tomos A35 Golden Bullet 5-Star Wheels

Eric M. (fubarman) — Feb 18, 2012 01:58AM

I bought these to do a franken-project long ago, cleaned them up for use but never used them, they were too incompatible with Puch stuff. I think these are for a 1985. These were off of a Tomos Golden Bullet.

These wheels are as far as I know complete except for the cable stop and guide on the front brake plate (easy to find). They are put together the way they came to me, so they may need a spacer or nut adjusted or something on the axle to mount right (most people are gonna probably work them over anyway, and further coolify), and everything needs tightening. The wheels spin freely, long, and fairly quietly and these seem eminently usable just as is. The axles are straight. The drum linings are shiny and look nice, and the brake pads seem to have some decent meat on them. The sprocket is exhausted, but is on there. The rims are unbent and have some light chipping in places, but not too bad.

Overall these very clean, attractive, functional and enjoyable set of rims.

I am looking for $165, and that ships it Ground to you in the USA. Considering close offers. PM or email me. I can get more pics too.

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