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1980 Puch Maxi-Luxe part out listed at eBay.

Ed Harding (ed_) — Feb 23, 2008 01:13PM

1980 Puch Maxi-Luxe moped part out listed at eBay.

If you're looking for cheap used Puch moped parts, I might
have what you're looking for. I've got more than 45 cheap
used Puch moped parts listed at eBay at EdsSurplus eBay store.

My Puch moped parts at eBay are listed here:

A complete list of my Puch moped used parts for sale with a
description of each part is here:

These products are all listed with low price buy-it-now prices at
eBay. I reduced my prices twice to sell these parts quickly. In
particular, my shipping charges for additional items that you
buy are extremely low, so you can stock up on all the cheap
parts you want without paying much for shipping and handling.

Enjoy your shopping for cheap used Puch moped parts at my
eBay store, EdsSurplus.


Puch Moped Klotz Super TechniPlate 2-stroke premix oil. 8 pints for sale.
Air filter.
Standard Engine intake valve
Performance Engine intake valve
Puch exhaust pipe, standard
Sava B4 2 1/4 x 17" tires and probably Kenda tubes (but they're on old wobbly Puch moped wheels).
Brand new Headlight lamp insert with glass
Replacement Headlight bulb, 6v 21w
Replacement Taillight running light bulb. 6v, 5w. 2 for sale.
Replacement Taillight brake light bulb. 6v, 10w.
Performance 18-tooth front sprocket.
Puch Maxi Luxe Sidecovers, both right and left,
with 4 of 6 connecting screws.
Complete left handlebar mechanical controls, including brake lever, clutch lever, clutch cable, and mounting bracket.
Complete right handlebar mechanical controls, including brake lever, throttle, and mounting bracket.
New Luggage rack with all connector bolts and rubber clamp.

3 1.4oz packs of Puch Maxi Mix 2-stroke oil. 2 3-packs for sale.
Front brake cable (double-ended)
Rear brake cable (double-ended)
Kickstand spring
Puch Moped Used 2 1/4" x 17" Semperit Moped Tire, very nicely rated for up to 280 lbs at 40 psi, max speed of 35mph.
Puch moped engine Kickstand holder & 3 bolts
rear puch moped shock absorbers, complete set of 2, plus bottom connector bolts.
Handlebar, 13/16" wide.
Speedometer Housing
Front Forks and Fender
Swing arm

Left handlebar grip.
Right handlebar grip. (Fits over throttle.)
Left handlebar mounting bracket and starting lever.
2 Handlebar clamps & 4 hex-wrench connector bolts. Probably fits most 13/16" wide handlebars.
Seat post
Rubber clamping block for seat stem plus connector bolts
Right frame rail. 2 for sale.
Left frame rail. 2 for sale.
Plastic front cable holder & connecting screw. Holds cables in place under front part of frame.

Air filter.
Original Bing 1/12/307 carb
Complete front wiring harness plus engine stop switch and lights and horn switch with mounting bracket.
Complete front and rear wheels, including 2003/2004 new Sava 2 1/4" x 17" B4 tires and 2003/2004 new tubes, and axles.
Speedo light bulb and light bulb holder.

2 Chain tensioners.
Moped seat
Luggage rack without connector bolts.
Pedal chain tensioner.
1/2 X 1/8 pedal chain
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