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  Subject Posts  Started By  Last Post 
  hobbit one-way bearing spacer 18  James Culver  seven minutes ago
  PHBG 100+ jetting on a PUCH Polini? 11  todd amundson  nineteen minutes ago
  Tm24 flat slide tune help 18  john bisonette  33 minutes ago
  V1 Polini soft-seizing 35  mike park  35 minutes ago
  Good or bad 70cc top speed? Jared Diaz  one hour ago
  Hydraulic disc brakes from a mountain bike manikor    one hour ago
  Rpm Gauge? 12  Dano Staz  two hours ago
  Running Lights Nate Kuelbs  two hours ago
  case matching 19  skinee puppy  three hours ago
  Peugot 102 timing ‡∫‡ß Sire Roycington (Duke of Waffles)  five hours ago
  Timing vs. Jetting 17  john bisonette  seven hours ago
  Peugeot 103 Backfiring? Zippy Zimmerman  eight hours ago
  Anyone tried these 'Boost Bottles'? 18  Joe Conoboy  nine hours ago
  Is porting just a challenge, or can you get major performance gains? 137  steven kline  nine hours ago
  Stupid question about pipes 13  Jason Grimm  ten hours ago
  Airsal 70 tops out at 30 23  Modern Artist (Pleasant)  twelve hours ago
  Derbi Revolution Parmakit CDI box Wiring for Leonelli ignition 16  Island Breeze Swoop  04/26/17 12:13AM
  Set up jetting Rob Policastro  04/25/17 11:41PM
  Urban Assault performance questions 28  Jack Rutherford  04/25/17 11:12PM
  E50 problem Jesse Schmitt  04/25/17 10:32PM
  Anyone have any luck with these? Aron Chaudiere  04/25/17 02:31PM
  radiator mounts Born to be WillD  04/24/17 10:19PM
  Peugot 102 timings ‡∫‡ß Sire Roycington (Duke of Waffles)  04/24/17 08:11PM
  Batavus Connecting Rod Alternatives 25  Abraham Lincoln  04/24/17 05:28PM
  Choosing Carbon Reed Thickness 19  DrGeorgeTompson (Alan)  04/24/17 05:24PM
  Puch Maxi Exhaust 11  robert howe  04/24/17 03:43PM
  Air box calculations... 33  Thomas TPRF  04/24/17 01:33PM
  rev limiter? 21  paul gaudio  04/24/17 01:23PM
  hi end piston coatings discus. 17  ♣Slew Foot♣  04/24/17 01:12PM
  Funny shaped & crazy rough head 42  Lia the Raven  04/24/17 11:54AM
  Suggestions for making a stout NU50? 12  Nick Smith  04/24/17 02:24AM
  Mikuni carb id 11  Rob Policastro  04/24/17 02:13AM
  qt50 piston related to cutting out at WOT? Jack Rutherford  04/23/17 02:08PM
  50cc head on 70cc tccd cylinder? Jared Diaz  04/23/17 11:08AM
  QT50 Kevin Henderson  04/22/17 10:56PM
  Picking the right exhaust 30  Shane Gauden  04/22/17 06:56PM
  QT50 turbo Kevin Henderson  04/22/17 06:13PM
  50cc Doppler AV10 Ernesto Dangertooth  04/22/17 05:19PM
  Honda urban express NU50 performance upgrades Kade Lubensky  04/22/17 04:44PM
  best carb for tomos a35 11  conway twitty  04/21/17 10:03PM
  AV88 74cc kit build 29  phillip Reed  04/21/17 09:15PM
  44mm Autisa hobbit kit question 28  Erik Mickelson  04/21/17 07:24PM
  Preferred PA50-ii Hobbit Top End Kits 27  Dayton Bourassa  04/21/17 10:20AM
  Garelli Temperture Gauge 18  Frank Tarpeo  04/20/17 03:08PM
  ciao to the 12:10 sha 17  pat splat  04/20/17 11:44AM
  tomos jammer 30  trick METRIC  04/20/17 10:50AM
  going up hills with variators 12  mit mortso  04/20/17 10:30AM
  Vespa STOCK variator MOD....FREE 5 MPH!!!! 141  Adam Pereira  04/20/17 09:35AM
  Solana 49cc Scooter Kickstart Issues 18  Paul Watson  04/19/17 04:30PM
  Upjetting Morini Mo2 Alec McAfee  04/18/17 06:43PM
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