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Blacksburg, VA

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  • 1987 Sachs Minor
  • 1978 Puch Magnum MK II

I'm a computer software engineer, mopedder, gamer, dork, dad, and love science. I find the physics of 2 stroke engines fascinating.

gave a my dad a moped-in-a-box for Xmas...or maybe birthday... a few years back:

Rallies (im going to leave out the scooter rallies ive been to):
HS - Southbound and Drowned
HS - The Trend is Over
WLR - Southern Comfort 2
SG - Cinco De SlowGo
RVA - Ride or Cry Richmond Never Dies
MONO - Return to 50cc (cupcakes) cylinders!
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
Buzzards - Pancakes, Peds, & PBR III: Back to the bridges
HS+Orphans: Beating (Off) A Dead Horse (rally)
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
Buzzards - Last blast to the bridges
RVA - paint it BLK
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
RR - Ride and chatter
Smog Squad - cuts out butts out
RR - Ride and chatter
*RVA* - *Rally name I forgot*

Sachs SIS Minor, currently un-tunable with a rebuilt+kitted 505/1D engine, still need to rebuild the original D engine
Athena jug, 12x45 gearing, PHVA 17.5mm mounted on MLM 18mm intake, homemade pipe of stock header and DM Escapes chamber, stock 3 friction disk clutch

Puch Magnum, super comfy, great handling, rips up hills
k-star cylinder, treatmetric clutch, lightened clutch bell, hpi mini rotor, techno sidebleed pipe, 15mm Bing, A55 Tomos Sprint wheels and fork

myrons mopeds

McMaster Carr! 5552K24 Semi-Clear Soft Tygon PVC Tubing for Fuels and Lubricants, 3/16" ID, 5/16" OD

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