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Moped Army

Branches / Puddle Cutters

Puddle Cutters

Portland, Oregon

  • 18 Members
  • 4 Scouts
  • 9 Honorary

The Puddle Cutters are the oldest and most attractive moped gang in Portland, OR. We hold a rally on odd years! We host a weekly ride night every Wednesday night! Show up or throw up!

Key features:
1. Drunk
2. Wet
3. Broken
4. Bleeding

If spotted one should approach with caution extending a beer as a peace offering. Do not attempt to speak to a Puddle Cutter unless all sentences includes the word "moped" at least four times.

Also known as Snuggle Bunnies, Kitten Cuddlers, Cuddle Bunnies, Cuddle Putters, Cuddle Fuckers, Cuddle Puddles, Bunny Stabbers, Bunny Cutters, Poodle Cuters, Clutter Putters, Awesome Getters, Nutter Butters, Fluffer Nutters, Butter Cutters, Butter Humpers, Butter Smugglers, Butter Cuddlers, Befuddled Gutters, pudl' cutrz, Fucking Psychos from Portland Who Cut Themselves, and Dear Puddle Cutters, YOU SUCK!

Wednesday nights @ Bare Bones Bar, 2900 SE Belmont Street Meet at 8pm, RIDE AT 9PM!

Follow us on Instagram: @puddlecutters