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Moped Army

Branches / Mosquito Fleet

Mosquito Fleet

Seattle, Washington

  • 22 Members
  • 5 Scouts
  • 1 Honorary
Since 2002 - ∞

Front fenders + rear fenders + rain gear= 100 percent year round, rain, shine or snow = Mega control of the GREAT PACIFIC NORTH WEST; To obtain... snax, ancient **Sparks** of life, two strokes, inhalation of two stroke smoke, a taco or 5, pedals EXCLUSIVELY, and being really ultra grand.

The Mosquito Fleet holds MOPED MONDAY every Monday night, 8pm. Ride at 9:30pm.

We are currently meeting at Streamline Tavern, 174 Roy St, Seattle, WA
Official Moped Monday are the first Monday of the month, held at Magic Touch Mopeds.

Email brendan@mopedarmy.com for more info. The meetings are open to everyone.