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Moped Army

Branches / Hot 'N' Readyz

Hot 'N' Readyz

Chicago, Illinois

  • 25 Members
  • 1 Scouts
  • 5 Honorary

2012 in Nashville

2014 Chicago Rally Family Portrait

With a mutual love for PIZZA, PUSSY, PARTY, PEDS, PHIL COLLINS and taking massive POOPS at Tony's house (The 6 P's) the Hot 'N Readyz were formed. Where would they be without Little Caesar's Pizza Treat? Most likely still working on bikes in Bridgeport under a different moniker. They ride through the spring, summer and fall; cry and wrench through the winter. They turn heads with their good looks, unique builds, fast bikes and willingness to party. They're always down to ride. No parents, no rules. Pizza 'til the grave.

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