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Moped Army

20 Branches.

496 Members.

2169 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.

UPJET presents: Red, Iced and Blue.

New York City, July 3rd - 5th
Camp in Brooklyn.
Huge campsite available!

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Thu 06-18-15 at 11:42pm

Camp CutterJuana!!

Come to a wonderful camping experience with all of us this August 7th-9th in Portland, OR. Earn a patch, eat marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks, win a raffle bike, get butt stuff. If you are coming it will be required that you preregister for this one folks so don't wait, because open seats are limited for this very magical rally event. Follow the easy instructions on the following website and we will see you here.

Camp Cutterjuana Rally Registration

# Posted by Jesse Stephenson of Puddle Cutters on Thu 06-18-15 at 11:35pm


Omaha, NE
June 26 – June 28, 2015
Register at www.rallyofthecorn.com

# Posted by Weldwizard Jake of The Casserollers on Thu 05-28-15 at 1:41am

Welcome to the Newest of Monos, Tom!

Give him a smooch at yer next rally.

# Posted by Bronwen #futureexgirlfriend of Mono on Wed 05-13-15 at 3:38pm

Ruffians Moped Gang Present: Weekend at Shady's 2

Click here to register

# Posted by Elyse Hot&shwetty of Hot 'N' Readyz on Fri 05-8-15 at 2:50pm

Moped GP is coming!

# Posted by Dan Webber Kastner of Creatures of the Loin on Mon 04-20-15 at 11:09am

DAM Riders Rally Trailer

Dayton, OH
May 15–May 17, 2015

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Thu 04-16-15 at 3:50pm

Gettysburg Fund-Rally, April 24th-26th

Best moped scenery, chill roads, and good times. There will be a raffle and some other swag for sale, with the proceeds helping to cover expenses for the Swamp Creatures Pinball Team.

Register here

# Posted by Bronwen #futureexgirlfriend of Mono on Fri 04-10-15 at 3:54pm

The Zeros Cordially Invite You to Not Drink the Water!

Click here for information and details regarding registration

# Posted by Craig Hobbs of Ghost Riders on Wed 04-1-15 at 11:29pm