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Moped Army

22 Branches.

530 Members.

2218 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.

The Bombardment Society is now Emeritus

After 13 years The Bombardment Society of Cincinnati, OH is stepping down as an official branch of the Moped Army and taking on Emeritus status. TBS was one of the earliest branches and their members, past and present, have had a huge influence on this organization and moped culture in general.

Thank you for the rallies, the fun, and the friendship.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sun 04-13-14 at 6:06pm

The Metal Ponies are growing!

Welcome to our two new Metal Ponies, Danielle and Jim!

# Posted by Elisabeth L of The Metal Ponies on Tue 04-8-14 at 2:02pm


Click here for information and details regarding registration

# Posted by Craig Hobbs of Ghost Riders on Sun 04-6-14 at 11:33am

Joy Sticks, Pin Balls, and Two Stroke 2

The second annual dcon arcade fundraiser, lots of classic arcade games and pinball. Come on out and have some fun.

# Posted by Nick Con of Decepticons on Tue 03-18-14 at 1:24pm

God Hates Peds - May 30th-June 1st

Mission 23 cordially invites you to our 10 year anniversary rally:

God Hates Peds, May 30th-June 1st.

Register now!

# Posted by Albo . of Mission 23 on Thu 03-13-14 at 5:28pm

The Circle of Life

As Mission 23 celebrates our 10th anniversary, we are honored to have founding member Annie back on our roster.

# Posted by Albo . of Mission 23 on Thu 03-13-14 at 4:59pm

The Ruffians Moped Gang

# Posted by Tonynarelli 68 of Hot 'N' Readyz on Fri 02-28-14 at 5:46pm

Tomahawk Cup

# Posted by Dan Webber Kastner of Creatures of the Loin on Mon 02-24-14 at 9:25pm

New Ponies

The Metal Ponies officially welcome our friends Austin and Mars™ to the family!

# Posted by Elisabeth L of The Metal Ponies on Sun 01-12-14 at 3:01pm