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Moped Army

20 Branches.

504 Members.

2111 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.

Be Bummed out in 3 days

big thanks to Alex Herrera!

# Posted by Elyse Hot&shwetty of Hot 'N' Readyz on Wed 08-24-16 at 10:41pm

Ghost Ride: These Go to 11!

Ghost Ride 11
Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 16–Sep 18, 2016


Ghost Ride 11 - These go to 11 from simon earley on Vimeo.

# Posted by Joel Corvine of Ghost Riders on Tue 08-23-16 at 5:01pm

We've captured and cut the wild Travis

We have zero plans of re-releasing him into the wild. Welcome to the fold, buddy! We are all lucky to have you!

# Posted by Lydia Gaslit Tron of Puddle Cutters on Tue 08-16-16 at 9:13pm

Blood Drive X- August 12-14

# Posted by Cpt. F. of Mosquito Fleet on Thu 08-11-16 at 12:33pm

Creatures of The Loin Present: Labor of Love

It's that time again everyone! The Creatures biannual Moped Rally in SF! | SEPT: 2, 3, 4th! | Register Here

# Posted by Private Ryan of Creatures of the Loin on Mon 08-8-16 at 1:14pm

Mission 23 is now an Emeritus branch

A huge thanks to everyone who helped grow, run, and make Mission 23 an awesome Moped Army branch over the last 12 years. They were the first to swarm NYC as an official branch, starting humbly with just six members, including two Decepticon scouts. Their contribution to the Moped Army since then has been felt well beyond the Big Apple.

Thanks for everything M23! We will miss you as an official branch, but thank you for your many contributions to the Moped Army and moped community.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sat 08-6-16 at 11:20am

Swoops Breakdown & Die VI

August 12-14

Break Down & Die VI from MICHAEL ESTES on Vimeo.

# Posted by Born To Be Willd of Swoops on Tue 08-2-16 at 7:10pm

Timing of Moped Army administrative activities

I want to draw your attention to a new page on the site that clarifies when various administrative activities will happen within the Moped Army. Primarily this concerns assessing the health of current branches as well as discussing and voting on new branches.

The timing of these activities has always been somewhat loose. In an effort to help potential branches better plan and set expectations this page is an attempt to bring more consistency to this timing.

For potential new branches the most important date to take note of is the deadline for submitting a new branch application, which is the end of September. If you'd like to be part of the discussion and voting process for 2016 please get your application in before October 1st.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Tue 08-2-16 at 11:29am

Motor City Riot: Panic in Detroit

Get Cool. Detroit. August 5th-7th. | Register Here | Facebook Here

# Posted by Manikor   of Motor City Riot on Fri 07-15-16 at 2:34pm