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Moped Army

20 Branches.

493 Members.

2166 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.


Austin, TX
Mar 10-11, 2017

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sat 02-18-17 at 11:06am

Diamond Dogs Rally Promo

The Diamond Dogs present: Kentucky Derbi
Lexington, KY
Apr 21–Apr 23, 2017

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Tue 02-7-17 at 9:41pm

Third time's a charm?

Welcome to MONO Ryan!!

# Posted by Gfb Cme of Mono on Wed 02-1-17 at 2:42pm

Bourbon Bandits is now an Emeritus branch

It was more than a decade ago when the Bourbon Bandits joined us as an official branch of the Moped Army. There's been a lot of great times since then as our Kentucky crew swarmed the south and hosted a successful run of Whiskey Business rallies.

The Bandits continue to be a tight-knit group of friends, but they've decided to step down as an active branch and retire with emeritus status. We will miss you as an official branch, but thank you for your many contributions to the Moped Army and moped community!

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sat 01-21-17 at 12:41pm

Its Happening!

Oh shit, the count down begins!

# Posted by Maggie Van Scoyk of Puddle Cutters on Wed 01-18-17 at 5:49pm

New Hell's Satan!

Eric "Balls" Lee welcome to the club!

# Posted by Brett Eastman of Hell's Satans on Tue 01-10-17 at 7:27pm

QCB and Rebel Rousers now online

It was mentioned right after the vote ended but I'm happy to share that now Queen City Barons (Charlotte, NC) and Rebel Rousers (Richmond, VA) are now officially online as branches of the Moped Army! Thanks for making our ranks stronger for 2017, we're happy to have you here.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Thu 12-29-16 at 12:05pm

Happy Holidays from the Ghost Riders

# Posted by Craig Hobbs of Ghost Riders on Sat 12-24-16 at 5:36pm

Motor City Riot: Get Your Shit Running IV L

You are cordially invited to Motor City Riot's 4th GYSR event hosted in Detroit!

Facebook event and information.

# Posted by Manikor   of Motor City Riot on Sat 12-24-16 at 10:33am

MCR Welcomes 2 New Guys

Motor City Riot is excited to announce two fine additions to our group, Damon and Justin!

Come welcome and congratulate these guys in our Facebook Group.

# Posted by Manikor   of Motor City Riot on Tue 12-13-16 at 11:59pm