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Moped Army

21 Branches.

517 Members.

2285 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.

Vintage Moped Days: 3 Days of Peace and Mopeds

3 Days of Peace and Mopeds beside the longest creek in the world.
Vintage Moped Days June 24-26
Brought to you by the unOHfficials Columbus Moped Group

Register here

# Posted by Derek Stahl of Blk Blk on Thu 02-11-16 at 11:08am

Rebel Rousers Ride & Chatter 2016

Rebel Rousers Ride & Chatter March 5th, 2016

RIDE_N_CHATTER from Tmurder on Vimeo.

# Posted by Sal Smog Squad of Smog Squad on Wed 01-20-16 at 11:46pm

Rally Of The Corn 3

# Posted by Weldwizard Jake of The Casserollers on Tue 01-19-16 at 9:35pm

UB Presents: Love is a 4 letter word

Uphill Battle Presents: Love is a Four-Letter Word, a mega rally from steven bloops on Vimeo.

Feb11th-14th 2016
registration is closed but you might still get to go if you show up?

# Posted by Born To Be Willd of Swoops on Tue 01-12-16 at 1:22pm

The Cranks love you.

# Posted by Get Blatzed of Cream City Cranks on Thu 12-24-15 at 4:09am

Merry Dickmas from the Woodstock Dicks

# Posted by Elyse Hot&shwetty of Hot 'N' Readyz on Wed 12-23-15 at 5:36pm

Mrry BLKms

# Posted by Sam Blk of Blk Blk on Wed 12-23-15 at 11:21am

MCR and Smog Squad are official

Welcome to Motor City Riot and Smog Squad, who are now officially on the website as branches of the Moped Army. Excited to see that we're growing. Looking forward to 2016!

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sat 12-19-15 at 6:17pm

"Eat It" from the Hot N Ready's with love

Happy Holidays

# Posted by Elyse Hot&shwetty of Hot 'N' Readyz on Wed 12-16-15 at 6:04pm

Happy Holidays from the Ghost Riders

# Posted by Craig Hobbs of Ghost Riders on Wed 12-16-15 at 2:32pm