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Moped Army

19 Branches.

498 Members.

2161 Mopeds.

Swarm and Destroy.

New branch applications due Friday 9/30

Do you think that your group is ready to be an official Moped Army branch? Each year we review a handful of prospective branches and vote on who to add to our roster. We start off with a discussion process to get to know each group better, although chances are we've already met some of your members in the forums and at rallies.

If you're decided to maintaining an active moped gang for years to come, and want to be an official part of Moped Army, then add your group to the review process this year. We already have some great submissions from new faces as well as repeat prospects we've been talking to for years.

The deadline is Friday 9/30. Submit your application here and review the full timeline associated with reviews here.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sun 09-25-16 at 10:40am

Motion Left has retired

It’s been a long run for Motion Left, starting with C.J. and Devin Biek putting Elkhart, IN on the moped map and becoming an official branch back in April of 2003. Since then there have been rallies and parties, wrenching and building. The group has grown and shrunk, rallied and now retired. All good things do come to an end someday, and we thank Motion Left for everything they’ve given to the moped community over the years.

To be clear: the retiring of Motion Left the branch has no effect on the business of Motion Left Mopeds (MLM) where you can still get your custom builds and performance pipes.

# Posted by Simon King of Decepticons on Sat 09-24-16 at 9:49am

The Landsquids: Squid Row - 10 Year Sentence

Your favorite gang of idiots are celebrating ten years of being an organized group of grown ass people on tiny little bikes. To commemorate this milestone of stupid fun we invite you to come blow your bike up on some long straight flats while trying to keep up with Barry, Nate, and Dave. Afterwards, come get sauced off SPARKS or FOUR or whatever energized malt liquor the kids are drinking these days, and dance the night away at the shop with us. WE R OLD PARTY WHILE U STILL CAN.

# Posted by Christopher C of Landsquids on Thu 09-22-16 at 12:02am

Queen City Barons Present - Dave's of Funder a moped rally?

QCB - Dave's of Funder from Dingus Falcon on Vimeo.

# Posted by Born To Be Willd of Swoops on Thu 09-8-16 at 9:40am

Be Bummed out

# Posted by Elyse Hot&shwetty of Hot 'N' Readyz on Wed 08-24-16 at 10:41pm

Ghost Ride: These Go to 11!

Ghost Ride 11
Grand Rapids, MI
Sep 16–Sep 18, 2016


Ghost Ride 11 - These go to 11 from simon earley on Vimeo.

# Posted by Joel Corvine of Ghost Riders on Tue 08-23-16 at 5:01pm

We've captured and cut the wild Travis

We have zero plans of re-releasing him into the wild. Welcome to the fold, buddy! We are all lucky to have you!

# Posted by Lydia Gaslit Tron of Puddle Cutters on Tue 08-16-16 at 9:13pm

Blood Drive X- August 12-14

# Posted by Cpt. F. of Mosquito Fleet on Thu 08-11-16 at 12:33pm